Arabic Letters Dza?
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Know Everything About Arabic Letter ẓāʾ – (ظ) with Illustrations

Welcome to a guide about Arabic letters! In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the seventeenth letter of the Arabic alphabet (ظ) and its contextual forms. 

We’ll discuss its pronunciation in English, as well as illustrate what it looks like in its various types – consonant and vowel. 

Arabic Letters Dza?

By the end of this post, you should have a thorough understanding of everything there is to know about this fascinating and essential part of the Arabic alphabet.

Arabic Letter ẓāʾ (Short Description)

  • Type – Consonants.
  • Alphabetical Order – 17th
  • Contextual forms – three.
  • Pronounce English letter like – ẓāʾ. 

A – Serial Number, B – Isolated Form, C – Trans-literation, D – Letter name, E – Letter Name In Arabic Script.


17 ظ ẓāʾ ظَاء

How to Pronounce Letter ẓāʾ

ظ ⬅️  ظا 

The letter ẓāʾcomes from upper teeth against the front flat part of the tongue. Try to make the sound of this letter soft. Letter ẓā mainly 3 sounds –

  • Dhoo – لَحْظَة (Lahdha) 
  • Dhi – انتظر (Enthadhir) 
  • Dhee – حَظَيرَة (Hadheera). 

How to Write Arabic Letters Dza?

The Arabic alphabet doesn’t have upper or lowercase letters, like we see in the Latin alphabet letters. but the letters are combing when writing a word. However, each arabic letter can be written in Contextual forms.

The arabic letters of words are written and read from right to left, horizontally. There are four Contextual forms that each letter can take:

  • Initial
  • Medial
  • Final
  • Isolated (Detached). 
Contextual forms
Final Medial Initial Detached
ـظـ ـظـ ظـ ظ

You Must Know About Arabic Alphabet Letters

  • The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters but some author include ء hamza as a letter then counting will be 29.
  • In Arabic Letters have only 3 vowels namely – (و،ا،ي) but ي and و which can be both consonants and vowels while Alif (،ا،) is only pure vowel.
  • In Arabic Alphabet, no capital and small letters.

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Conclusion Points 

Arabic letter (ظ) is a consonant in the alphabetical order of the Arabic language. It is the 17th letter in the order. This letter has three contextual forms, which are different shapes that it takes depending on its position within a word. 

In English, this Arabic letter is pronounced as an “za” sound with a hint of breath at the end. 

In understanding everything about this Arabic letter, it is important to look at its various shapes and pronunciation rules when used with other letters or words. 

For example, when used as the first letter in a word, it will take on one form; however when placed after another consonant it will take on another form. 

When positioned between two vowels or next to other vowels, this Arabic letter often becomes silent but still affects how those vowel sounds are produced by changing their quality and length.

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