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Arabic Letter Dhal – (ذ): Pronunciation & Its Uses

The Arabic letter Dhal (ذ) is an important part of the Arabic alphabet. It is classified as a consonant and is found in the ninth position in the alphabetical order. 

The letter is pronounced like the English letters dh and l combined together. There are two contextual forms of this letter, depending on where it appears in a word. 

jal arabic letter

In this article, we will discuss the role of Dhal in Arabic language, its pronunciation and how it is used in different contexts.

Arabic Letter Dhal (Short Description)

  • Type – Consonants.
  • Alphabetical Order – 9th.
  • Contextual forms – Two
  • Pronounce English letter like – dhāl. 

A – Serial Number, B – Isolated Form, C – Trans-literation, D – Letter name, E – Letter Name In Arabic Script.


9 ذ dh dhāl ذَال

How to Pronounce Letter Thaal

ذ ⬅️  ذال 

The letter Thaal comes from upper teeth against the front flat part of the tongue. 

Try to make the sound of this letter solid. Letter thal mainly 3 sounds –

  • Za – ذَكَرْ (Zakar) 
  • Zi – هَذِهِ (Haazihi) 
  • Zee – الذي (Allazee). 

How to Write Arabic Letters Dhal?

The Arabic alphabet doesn’t have upper or lowercase letters, like we see in the Latin alphabet letters. but the letters are combing when writing a word. However, each arabic letter can be written in Contextual forms.

The arabic letters of words are written and read from right to left, horizontally. There are two Contextual forms that each letter can take:

  • Initial
  • Medial
  • Final
  • Isolated (Detached). 
Contextual forms
Final Medial Initial Detached
ـذ ـذ ـذ ذ

You Must Know About Arabic Alphabet Letters

  • The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters but some author include ء hamza as a letter then counting will be 29.
  • In Arabic Letters have only 3 vowels namely – (و،ا،ي) but ي and و which can be both consonants and vowels while Alif (،ا،) is only pure vowel.
  • In Arabic Alphabet, no capital and small letters.

Conclusion Points 

The Arabic letter Dhal – (ذ) also known as “Dal” is part of the Arabic alphabet, and it is a consonant. Dhal is located in the ninth position in the alphabetical order and when pronounced it sounds like two English letters “dh” and “l” combined. 

This letter has two contextual forms: isolated form and final form. The isolated form appears at the beginning of words while the final form shows up at the end of them. 

In terms of pronunciation, all regional dialects pronounce this letter similarly, which makes it easy to learn regardless of where you live or study Arabic. 

It is important to note that many modern words contain this letter as part of their spelling, so understanding how it works can be beneficial for learning more about spoken language in general.

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