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Marriage Dua In Arabic Text: Baraka allahu lakuma 

As-salamu Alaykum, my dear friend! My name is MS Nashtar and I am here to share with you a unique insight into the Islamic greeting & Dua’s.

Are you looking to perform a marriage dua, and want to include the phrase ‘barakallahu lakuma wa baraka’? 

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Dua for the newly married couple

Then you’ve come to the right place! This article aims to provide a clear understanding of the meaning of this phrase in Arabic and how it is employed in the context of a marriage dua. This powerful phrase carries a deep meaning passed down through generations.

Dua for the Newly Married Couple (Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alikuma)

In Arabic text

بارَكَ اللّهُ لَك، وَبارَكَ عَلَـيْك، وَجَمَعَ بَيْـنَكُما في خَـيْر

In English Text:

Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka alayka, wa jama a baynakumaa fee khayrin.

Meaning: May Allah bless you, and shower His blessings upon you, and join you together in goodness

Barakallahu lakuma Audio

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It is often said that marriage is a blessed union. And what could be more blessed than starting your married life by reciting a marriage du’a together?

 Marriage du’as are special prayers recited to ask Allah for His blessings on the new couple. They can be recited at any time but are especially powerful when recited during the wedding ceremony itself.

The most important thing to remember when reciting a marriage du’a is to do it with sincerity and humility. After all, you ask Allah for His blessing on this special occasion.

Here is a beautiful marriage du’a in Arabic text: Baraka Allahu lakuma. May Allah bless you both and grant you happiness and peace in your married life.

Reference Of Marriage Dua (Barakallahu lakuma dua)

  • According to the hadith, Al-Hasan stated that Aqil bin Abi Talib married a woman from Banu Jusham, and it was said to him May you live in harmony and have many sons. He said Say what the Messenger of Allah said Barak Allahu fikum, wa baraka lakum. Grade Hasan (from Darussalam).
  • Muhammad forbade Muslims from denying marriage; he suggested this practice. He thought, “Marital relations are my principle and my practice. Those who do not follow the practice are not of me.” He said, “When a man marries a woman, he has completed one-half of his religion.”

How do you wish to be married in Arabic?

“Alf Mabrouk Ala Alzeefaf Alsa’eed!” My heartiest congratulations on your- happy marriage! It’s a simple Arabic Standard Language that all Arabs with different Arabic dialects would understand.

Importance of Marriage In Islam 

The Quran notes that Muhammad said, And marry those among you who are single and fit for your needs and your noblewomen. Allah will give them prosperity and strength from His great bounty. God is abounding in generosity. (Surah an-Nur, 24:32)

Marriage in Islam is not limited to a relationship between a husband and a wife to produce children, nor is it only for this particular purpose. 

The Islamic term for marriage is nikah or sexual intercourse.5 Why don’t Islam and other religious texts of other religions prohibit or limit this habit? This was because Islam has fully understood that sexual instincts cannot and should not be controlled.

In numerous research studies, Marital relations positively impact people’s mental and physical health. In other words, Islam contends that striving to achieve a state of Godliness is necessary for lifelong health and well-being. 

Islam also has related marriage to achieving complete enlightenment. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once instructed, “A married man should fear Allah for the next half of his faith.”

Conclusion Points

Marriage Dua In Arabic Text Baraka Allahu lakuma is a traditional Islamic marriage du’a, or prayer. The word “baraka” means blessings, and “Allahu lakuma” means “God bless you.” The groom recites this du’a to the bride during the wedding ceremony.

The Marriage Dua In Arabic Text Baraka Allahu lakuma is a beautiful expression of love and commitment between a husband and wife. It is also a reminder of the couple’s responsibility to Allah and each other. The du’a expresses the hope that Allah will bless the new marriage and grant the couple happiness, peace, and prosperity.


Question – How do you say get well soon in Arabic?   

Answer -The phrase “get well soon” can be expressed in Arabic through a cultural idiom, i.e., ‘al-ṣabr wa’l-ṭabarruj’. 

This expression is derived from two distinct words: ‘ṣabr,’ which translates to patience, and ‘ṭabarruj,’ which has connotations of fortitude.

Greeting someone with a heartfelt wish for their speedy recovery can be an incredibly meaningful gesture to make. 

In many languages, a special phrase perfectly conveys this sentiment; in Arabic, that phrase is salaamtak (male) / salaamtik (female).

Question – How to say nikah Mubarak in Arabic?

Answer: To articulate “nikah Mubarak” in Arabic, one must become familiar with the language’s intricate syntactic structure and lexical conventions. 

Specifically, the phrase requires the combination of two distinct words: “nikah,” meaning marriage, and “Mubarak,” indicating congratulations.

  • Nikah mubarak in Arabic: (زواج سعيد) zawaj saeid
  • Nikah mubarak Dua: Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka alayka, wa jama a baynakumaa fee khayrin.
Question – How to congratulate a wedding in Islam?  

Answer: It is well known that marriage is a highly esteemed and venerated institution within the Islamic faith. As such, offering sincere congratulations is customary when two individuals enter matrimony. 

The traditional Islamic greeting for an occasion such as this is “Mabrouk,” which symbolizes the blessing of Allah upon the newlywed couple.

Question – How do you wish in Arabic for marriage? 

Answer: To properly wish someone in Arabic for marriage, one should be familiar with the traditional linguistic conventions of the language. One would begin by saying ‘Mabrook,’ translated as ‘Congratulations’ and used to convey good wishes to newlywed couples.

Question – How to bless a married couple in Islam?

Answer: In Islam, the blessing of a married couple is accomplished through the recitation of du’a, or supplication, to Allah. 

An Imam or other religious leader usually performs this supplication at the ceremony, although it can also take place privately. 

The specific supplication used in the blessing process varies slightly depending on local customs. They are generally speaking. However, those present will be asked to invoke Allah’s blessing upon the spouses and their union.

Question – How to congratulate newlyweds in Islam?

Answer – May Allah bless you, and shower His blessings upon you, and join you together in goodness.” بارَكَ اللّهُ لَك، وَبارَكَ عَلَـيْك، وَجَمَعَ بَيْـنَكُما في خَـيْر Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka ‘alayka, wa jama’a baynakumaa fee khayrin Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and At-Tirmidhi.

Question – Dua for someone who got married?

Answer – Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka ‘alayka, wa jama’a baynakumaa fee khayrin Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and At-Tirmidhi.

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