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The Letter D In Arabic: Matching With English

Are you searching for D in arabic letters on the internet? You can very easily learn Arabic alphabet on this website.

Letter D In Arabic

If you want to learn Arabic language alphabet then this is the best website for you. As far as I am aware, you are searching for a in arabic letter on the internet.

What is the D alphabet of English called in Arabic? The letter D in the English language is equivalent to which letter in Arabic? If you are looking for answers to these questions then you can move on.

D In Arabic Letter With Examples

D↠ د

Remember the pronunciation of the letters in each language are different. But there are many similarities in the letter of Arabic language from the letter of English language.

Yes, remember, equality is not hundred percent. If you read this, then you will find it very easy to learn Arabic language.

Know A To Z Letters Of Arabic Alphabet In English 

Equivalent Letters
English Arabic
A ا
B ب
C ك
D د
E ي
F ف
G ج
H ه
I ي
J ج
K ك
L ل
M م
N ن
O و
P *
Q ق
R ر
S س
T ت
U ي
V *
W و
X *
Y ي
Z ز

Conclusion Points 

The Arabic alphabet is one of the most sophisticated alphabets in the world, with 28 letters and an entirely different pronunciation. The eighth letter of the Arabic alphabet is (d l), known as Daleth in English. 

It is equivalent to the letter “D” used in English words. In order to pronounce it correctly, you need to place your tongue on the back of your teeth while making a buzzing sound with your lips.

In addition to its use in everyday language, (d l) has also become a symbol of literature and culture throughout much of North Africa and parts of Asia. 

It can be found extensively in poetry, literature, and other works written by authors from those regions. Additionally, this letter plays a major role in religious ceremonies such as Quran reading or prayer recitals.

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