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Arabic Letter Ra – (ر) Read & Write with Illustrations Printable Poster

The Arabic letter Ra  is a consonant that is typically transliterated as r in English. It has a trilled or tapped pronunciation, depending on the dialect.

In Standard Arabic, it represents a retroflex lateral flap. The letter is derived from the Semitic trill, which was originally represented by the Phoenician letter ṛēš .

  • RA in the Arabic – ر/رَاء

The Arabic letter Ra is one of the most commonly used letters in the Arabic alphabet. It is used to represent the sound of the letter R in Arabic. The letter Ra is also used in many other languages, such as Persian, Urdu, and Pashto.

ra letter arabic alphabet

  • Type – Consonants.
  • Alphabetical Order – 10th.
  • Contextual forms – Two. 
  • Pronounce English letter like – rāʾ. 

A – Serial Number, B – Isolated Form, C – Trans-literation, D – Letter name, E – Letter Name In Arabic Script.

Arabic Letter Ra Equivalent 


10 ر r rāʾ رَاء

How to Pronounce Letter Raa

ر ⬅️  را 

The letter Raa comes from the front flat part of the tongue against the front palate. The back part of the tongue is also raised while pronouncing this letter.

Try to make the sound of this letter strong. Letter thal mainly 3 sounds –

  • Ra – رَأْسْ (Raas) 
  • Raa – وَرَاءْ (Waraa) 
  • Ri – رِسَالَة (Risaala). 

How to Write Arabic Letters Ra?

The Arabic alphabet doesn’t have upper or lowercase letters, like we see in the Latin alphabet letters. but the letters are combing when writing a word. However, each arabic letter can be written in Contextual forms.

The arabic letters of words are written and read from right to left, horizontally. There are 2 Contextual forms that each letter can take:

  • Initial
  • Medial
  • Final
  • Isolated (Detached). 
Contextual forms
Final Medial Initial Detached
ـر ـر ـر ر

You Must Know About Arabic Alphabet Letters

  • The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters but some author include ء hamza as a letter then counting will be 29.
  • In Arabic Letters have only 3 vowels namely – (و،ا،ي) but ي and و which can be both consonants and vowels while Alif (،ا،) is only pure vowel.
  • In Arabic Alphabet, no capital and small letters.

Conclusion Points

Learn words that start with the Arabic alphabet letter Ra. Interactive word picture for kids plus free printable resources for you.

The Arabic letter ra (ر/رَاء) is a consonant that is typically transliterated as r. It is the eighteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet and represents the sound [r].

In Standard Arabic, ra  (ر/رَاء) has a number of different pronunciations, depending on its position in a word. When it is at the beginning of a word, it is pronounced as a trill [r].


Question – Is it possible to learn Arabic in America without any prior knowledge of the language?

Answer – It is indeed possible to acquire fluency in Arabic without any prior knowledge of the language in an American context. 

Through a combination of linguistically-focused instruction and communicative activities, learners can be exposed to the nuances of the Arabic language while developing their own ability to comprehend, produce, and interact with native speakers. 

As such, pedagogical approaches that emphasize both accuracy and fluency are necessary for students to develop a high degree of proficiency in the language.

Question – What is RAA in Arabic?

Answer – The term RAA, or رؤية العالم الإسلامي, is an Arabic acronym that translates to “Vision for the World of Islam”.

It is a phrase used by Muslims across the globe to describe a shared understanding of societal structures and values rooted in Islamic belief.

This collective vision serves as the basis for various aspects of Muslim life, from socio-economic systems to jurisprudence.

Question – What letter is R in Arabic?

Answer – In the Arabic language, R is represented by ر (rah), a modified version of the letter ra. It is one of six letters that do not correspond to any sound in Classical Arabic, making it an atypical character in this linguistic context.

Question – What does the letter Ra sound like?

Answer – The Arabic letter ra is among the most recognizable characters, but do you know how it is pronounced? Just like in English, ra is pronounced as [r].

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